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Here are some tips on working from home that the CCC staff has put together that will help inspire and keep your creative juices flowing.

1 | Routine. Set yourself up for a productive day by staying true to your routine. You will feel more alert and organized when you get dressed, have breakfast and organize your workspace just as you would at the office.

2 | Prepare. Set yourself up for success and focus on the right tools for working. For example, a proper mouse pad to support your wrist or change the screen brightness to accommodate your new lighting at home. Straighten your workspace and cultivate a little organization into the flow. Set a plant on your desk. Research has demonstrated that you can increase productivity by as much as 15% with a little horticulture. Small, easy remedies that bring a big impact.  

3 | Pause. Before you dive in, start the day on the right foot by beginning with a short, two-minute mindfulness meditation. You can do this to your favourite piece of classical music or try this one listed on YouTube.

4 | Seating. Invest in your new best friend – your chair. If you are using a kitchen or dining room chair, it probably is not designed for supporting you through a full workday. This can lead to muscle strain on your neck, back and hip flexors to name a few. If an “office chair” is not an option, perhaps invest in an orthopedic seat or lumbar support to make those work hours more supportive.

5 | Organized. Here’s a little retro trick to keep you on track. Write down your most pressing tasks of the day on a brightly coloured Post-it note. Now write down, on another colour Post-it, an equal number of tasks/treats to support you (walk, latte, meditation etc.). Post where you can see it. Once each task is completed, pull off the note and take care of yourself with something from the “support” notes. Visually, this will help keep you on track.

6| Stretch. Schedule your stretches as you would schedule a break. You will feel much better if you stand and stretch those areas that have been in the same position for a few hours. Pay particular attention to your neck, shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings.

7 | Hydration. So many benefits and so easy to do to keep you at your peak performance. Keep your water handy and aim to drink a minimum of eight, 8oz glasses a day. Add a few slices of lemon or cucumber for the extra flavour boost.

8 | Energy. Who wouldn’t benefit from an energy lift that does not involve caffeine? Donna Eden, an Energy Medicine expert, has two simple but highly effective energy fixes that come in handy. To refocus, place your right hand on your left shoulder. Press down. Now draw your hand down and across your body towards your right hip. Repeat on the other side. Do this 3 times. Repeat as often as you need throughout the day. To help with stress, place one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

9 | Boundaries. This word works both ways and will help prevent burn-out and stress. Ensure those around you understand and respect your work boundaries. Use headphones if you need to reduce the noise around you or to keep you focused. But remember that boundaries are just as important to support you so at the end of the workday, close up your laptop. Now is your time to step away and take time for you.

10 | Walk. Stretch your legs, clear your mind and get the blood flowing. Take a break with a walk. Enjoy a quick but effective social-distancing walk to provide physical and mental benefits. If you have kids or a partner, bring them along as they will benefit as well.

We hope these suggestions prove helpful as you work from home and transition back to your physical work office in the days ahead.

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