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The Credit Counselling Canada Award recognizes any person, group of people or company that supports the mission and goals of credit counselling or the work of credit counselling agencies but is not an employee or board member past or present of CCC or a member agency.

This year’s Award recipient, Jane Rooney, was appointed in April 2014 as Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader.

Since then, Jane has worked tirelessly across Canada to bring awareness of the need to expand the level of financial literacy across all age and cultural demographics. Through collaboration and coordination, she has focused her efforts on building partnerships, sharing of materials and expertise with the goal of strengthening the knowledge, skills and confidence of Canadians to make sound and responsible financial decisions.

Jane Rooney Recipient of Credit Counselling Canada Award

Scott Hannah (L), CCC Board Member, presents the Credit Counselling Canada Award to Jane Rooney.

Jane was recently appointed Senior Advisor with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

She established a National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy.

The National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy developed a national strategy on financial literacy that was a finalist in the country award category in the Child & Youth Finance International’s Global Inclusion Awards in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2016.

Jane recognized the important and valuable work of the not-for-profit credit counselling Industry and appointed Laurie Campbell, CEO, Credit Canada Debt Solutions to the inaugural steering committee. Pat White, then E.D. of Credit Counselling Canada was appointed to the current steering committee to ensure the perspective and voice of the not-for-profit credit counselling industry is captured.

Despite her work schedule Jane always makes time for our industry members and has been the featured speaker at CCC annual conferences which has helped to bolster attendance. She has publicly acknowledged the work of our industry members and encouraged our members to reflect their educational activities on FCAC’s website during Financial Literacy Month (November). This public acknowledgement has encouraged other associations like the CPA’s of Canada to work closely with our members on financial literacy initiatives.

Under Jane’s leadership, her team developed The City, a financial skills resource, which is a simulated online world that offers an interactive and fun way for students to learn about money. This resource earned her team a Public Service Award for Excellence.

With Jane’s support, our member agencies enjoy access to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and have shared our expertise and collaterals with FCAC staff and departments.

While Jane has recently moved on from her role as Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader to take up a new appointment as her initiatives continue to benefit Canadians from all walks of life.

Congratulations to Jane Rooney, the Credit Counselling Canada award winner for 2019. To read about previous award winners, visit the Credit Counselling section on our blog.

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