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Vacations this year are going to look a lot different. With stay-at-home orders ending slowly, staycations on a budget are the norm for many. It may not feel like a real vacation turning your home-school office into a holiday spot. Still, a little creativity can go a long way in making things a little more exciting. If you cannot travel far or are looking for bright holiday ideas on a budget, here are some pocket-friendly ideas to explore!

  1. Enjoy a picnic at home or stargaze as you camp in your backyard. Cosy up with your favourite pet, listen to the birds and crickets and wake up to pink and amber skies.
  2. Have an outdoor movie night in the warm summer breeze. Enjoy your movie with all the trimmings plus your favourite snacks and drinks. All it takes is a projector and a white sheet over a rope. Add popcorn, cotton candy or pop machines, and suddenly, you’ve got a great ambience.
  3. Invite the kids to a COVID-friendly, outdoor staycation party! Pep up the fun with inflatable or stock tank pools. Three-legged races, surprise ice bucket dunks, try-not-to-laugh, blindfolded makeup, dress-up-like-a-princess, mannequin freeze, face painting, art, crafts and squirt guns are also fun!
  4. Enjoy a day on the beach, complete with a picnic lunch and your favourite book or music. Soak in the refreshing breeze, waves and blue skies.
  5. Stay cosy in your pyjamas or robe all day! Why not catch up on some much-needed sleep?.
  6. Tour your city for places you have yet to explore. Check out free events and attractions! If you have a creative team, why not plan a surprise outdoor flash-music-dance performance?
  7. Take a break from cooking and have your meals delivered. Enjoy being served while helping to support local businesses!
  8. Create a fun-family wall with your favourite pictures and kids paintings (finger paintings too)!
  9. Organize a spa day at home and invite the people in your bubble over. Ask each person to bring a small and inexpensive gift to add to the fun gift box. Finally, have everyone randomly pick their gift via a game-draw. Make the experience complete with light refreshments.
  10. Learn a new hobby, language or skill. Know a second language? Perhaps you could teach someone for some extra money!
  11. Organize a fancy dress or masquerade party for the kids in your family bubble! Spice it up by having them plan and enact a play for the parents. Celebrate their creativity with cute and inexpensive gifts for all.
  12. Nature trails, hikes and parks are great for a day-getaway to refresh body and soul without needing to go too far from home. Take piggyback rides, fly kites and play Frisbee with your (or a friend’s) favourite pooch.
  13. Attend a home project you have not been able to get around to in a long while, like organizing, painting or gardening!
  14. Have the friends in your bubble over for a potluck, or make the day extra special by cooking together! Explore cuisines from different countries to make it more enjoyable.
  15. Make your home look like a resort. Choose your theme (Hawaii, Bahamas, Disney, get creative!). Employ the enthusiasm and energy of your children to give your home a new look. Re-arrange furniture and use cost-friendly décors such as fresh cut flowers, kid-made crafts, candles, music and fragrances! It’s amazing what a low-cost, temporary home makeover can do to make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Fortunately, simple things can also bring lots of joy! While planning your staycation this year, be sure to give yourself enough time to set up and enjoy. Why not get the entire family involved and make some memorable videos?

Finally, stay healthy and safe as you follow the health advisories of your local authorities at this time.

Most importantly, relax, allow yourself to be silly and have some fun!

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