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Each year, Credit Counselling Canada (CCC) takes time to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and groups who contribute to not-for-profit credit counselling. The 2017 credit counselling award recipients are as follows:

Credit Counselling Canada Award

This award recognizes a person, group or company that has supported the mission of not-for-profit credit counselling broadly or assisted in a specific endeavour with a member agency.

Credit counselling award Community Sector Council Newfoundland and Labrador

Joan Butler (L) & Al Antle

The Community Sector Council of Newfoundland and Labrador and its Chief Executive Officer, Penelope (Penny) Rowe, are this year’s recipient of the Credit Counselling Canada award.

This award recognizes the Community Sector Council’s contribution to identifying the need for debt/credit counselling services in Newfoundland and Labrador. They helped established the province’s first not-for-profit credit counselling service in 1982. Since then, they have continued their dedicated support for the agency and its mission through partnerships on financial literacy and various initiatives.

Penny, as the Executive Director of the Council, was a staunch supporter of the new debt/credit counselling agency, joining Al Antle, Executive Director and board members in meetings with the financial sector as they sought financial support. Penny also provided mentoring for the new Executive Director, both in the early days of his work with the agency and ongoing since then.

Credit Counselling Canada Exceptional Service Award

This award recognizes distinguished service or a special contribution above and beyond normal duties by an agency staff member to clients and/or the community.

credit counselling award Craig York

Scott Hannah (L) & Craig York

Congratulations to Craig York, Credit Counsellor with the Credit Counselling Society. Craig is known throughout the organization as a capable, conscientious and caring individual who strives every day to do the best for his clients.

Craig is known as an employee you go to if you need something done. He thoroughly enjoys extra work and going the extra mile for his clients. He takes a lot of pride in being able to say that he has done all he possibly can to better the life of every client he speaks to. He does not back down when a client requires a champion and advocate for their situation. Craig consistently volunteers to work in other offices when needed, without any hesitation, and has recently been selected for leadership development.

Craig also does a fantastic job of setting his clients up for success by providing accurate and meaningful financial counselling.

“I was literally shocked at how knowledgeable, sensible, and helpful my counsellor was. I hope I am allowed to continue to draw on his expertise.”- Credit counselling client

Credit Counselling Canada Association Award

This award recognizes consistent dedication to the aims and objectives of CCC or its member agencies. The CCC Association Award is given for long-time commitment to credit counselling either nationally, provincially or regionally.

credit counselling award John Eisner

Pat White (L) & John Eisner

Congratulations to John Eisner, President of Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada. John has devoted over 20 years to helping Canadians resolve their financial difficulties and gain practical money skills along the way.

John has volunteered his time and expertise on the Board of CCC, as a Membership and Accreditation reviewer, and Chair of the Creditor Relations Committee. Together with the Executive Director of CCC, John established exceptional working relationships with the national credit granting and banking community. This relationship enabled our Association to maintain the support and funding for our members’ services and programs.

Over his 20+ year career with his agency, his actions have always been guided by the best interests of consumers, students and Canadians in general. John has demonstrated tact and diplomacy when tackling difficult issues on behalf of our industry.

Congratulations to all 2017 credit counselling award nominees and thank you to those who took time to write and submit nominations. To learn more about the great work that takes place in the credit counselling industry, please visit the member highlights section on our blog.

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