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The CCC Nominating Committee is searching for new public volunteers for 2018-19 and 2019-20 to sit on the Board of Directors of Credit Counselling Canada.

Board of Directors recruitment

We are looking for quality candidates with skills sets which include excellent decision making, governance background and expertise in government relations and/or marketing. The board meets at the annual general meeting in June for three days, one in-person board meeting in November (2 days including travel) and five other times a year (2 hours per meeting) by conference call. The expectations include the possibility of committee work which may mean an additional 10 hours a year. Applicants should be interested in financial literacy and the mission of Credit Counselling Canada.

Nominees must supply a brief CV/resume along with a letter of interest.

All applications must be received by April 6th, 2017 close of business and sent to

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Learn more about debt management and budgeting from a certified non-profit credit counsellor if you need to break free of debt.

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Is debt knocking you down? We can help you get back on track. Talk to a non-profit credit counsellor about your options.

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Make improving your #financial situation a priority. You can book a free appointment to speak with a certified non-profit credit counsellor.

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CCC’s Board Treasurer and CEO talk about myths around debt. Click below to read more. @CPAcanada

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If you need help with debt management, budgeting or general financial education, speak to a certified, non-profit credit counsellor today.

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You have options for your debt situation. Our non-profit credit counsellors are ready to help if you need guidance.

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