The goal of not-for-profit credit counselling services is to equip you with the tools necessary to successfully manage your finances. Whether you need help with debt management, budgeting or general financial education, a certified credit counsellor can help.


As not-for-profit organizations, our members provide impartial guidance or information, always keeping your best interests in mind.

Your credit counselling session will include:

A Financial Assessment: A certified credit counsellor will review your situation by asking you questions about your income, your spending, money owed and future goals.

Exploring Options & Solutions: Often your counsellor can identify a simple approach that you might have missed or a solution you can act on yourself. Otherwise, you will learn the pros and cons of options such as a credit card consolidation loan or debt consolidation loan, settlement proposal, debt management plan, consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Regardless of your current debt situation, there are debt management solutions available.

A Money Management Plan: Working with your counsellor will give you the chance to develop a personal and household budget that works for you and your family. This process takes time and effort, but a comprehensive and realistic spending plan will help you reach your financial goals.

Tips for Money Management: Counsellors are committed to helping clients develop new skills in budgeting, better spending habits and the wise use of credit. Credit Counselling Canada members know that education offers the key to financial independence.

Referrals: You may require additional services that are not provided through credit counselling. Credit Counselling Canada members are familiar with the communities they serve and can make recommendations for other qualified services and professionals.


All information shared in a credit counselling session is kept strictly confidential and no information is given to anyone without your written permission.

Experienced credit counsellors are within your reach throughout Canada. If you need us, find a local counsellor!

Consumer credit counselling services are offered either at no cost, or low cost — and no one is denied service based on their inability to pay.