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The Credit Counselling Canada Exceptional Service Award recognizes distinguished service or a special contribution above and beyond normal duties by an agency staff member to clients and/or the community. The 2018 award recipient is Linda Wilke of Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada (CCSAC).

Every now and then you will meet someone and immediately know you will never forget them – this is Linda Wilke. Linda is a larger than life type of person. She has laugh that can be heard throughout the room and a genuine friendliness. It’s her first nature to care about people, to support, educate and empower.

Linda Wilke Exceptional Service Award

Linda Wilke (L), Award Recipient & Linda Routledge, Awards Committee Member

“She was wonderful, patient, ran through scenarios and options and listened to my concerns.  I was grateful for her time and her work!” – Credit Counselling Client

During her 15 years of service with CCSAC Linda has not only counselled numerous clients, but carried out many community presentations, mentored counsellors, written articles, appeared on radio talk shows and television and lobbied provincial government. She has literally done it all.

In her role as a Credit Counsellor, she uses her natural skills to deliver exceptional client experiences daily. She is kind, caring, compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental.

From day one she has been providing her clients with a relaxed atmosphere where they can feel at ease telling her their story.  They talk about things that are very difficult to speak about and she guides them through the client interview process effortlessly as if they were speaking with a trusted family member or good friend.

“She is helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic with regards to helping clients with their financial concerns.  I have recommended friends go to see her when they need to discuss areas of their personal finances.” – Credit Counselling Client

Linda often is more like a good friend than a Credit Counsellor. She has been known to visit clients in hospital, stay after hours to comfort a distressed client and even give her own personal money to help clients buy groceries. Her kindness has certainly helped her clients through some very tough times.

During difficult times, Linda is a friend, coworker and counsellor that you want in your corner. When she believes in something she will fight for it. She has made significant contributions at the provincial level on payday loan regulations.  In 2006 she began lobbying the Nova Scotia provincial government to enact legislation that would regulate the then unregulated payday loan industry.  After numerous consultations with government officials, she was able to get many of the recommendations adopted into the new Consumer Protection Act relating to payday loans in 2007.  Linda continues to attend review meetings and provide evidence that is instrumental in guaranteeing consumer protection.

A familiar face in the community, Linda has presented to countless workplaces, schools, and community groups over the years, all to ensure credit counselling services are promoted and understood by as many people as possible.  She has been passionate about “spreading the word”. As a presenter she is engaging and has a special ability to feel out the crowd and tailor her delivery to the audience before her, making them feel at ease and free to ask questions.

“She was very comfortable with delivering to a very diverse group of people.  Very real, people could relate to her.” – Presentation Participant

Congratulations Linda Wilke, recipient of the Credit Counselling Canada Exceptional Service Award 2018.

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